Why You Should Hire a Designer

At Nikou Design Inc, we’re passionate about making people’s dream home a reality.  We understand how important it is to not only have a home that’s beautiful but also designed with you and your lifestyle in mind. We believe everyone should live in a home that not only looks amazing but is also a reflection of your personality and style and it should work with how you live your life. These homes don’t just happen on their own.  If you’ve never done any major renovations, you may not be aware of the amount of time it takes, the amount of work, and the numerous decisions. On top of all that, it can be stressful and overwhelming trying to pull it all together.

We’re often asked what the benefits of hiring an interior designer or home design professional are.  Well, we’ve got 5 great reasons we’d love to talk to you about!


1. Save Money

You may think that hiring an interior designer just means paying their fees and have nothing to do with saving money, but think again!  When you work with a designer you are working with an expert who knows what they’re doing – this is what they do day in and day out.  They will help you make the right decisions for your space and help you avoid costly mistakes.  They can also work with you and your budget to make sure you are spending your money in the right places and getting your best bang for your buck!  A professional will know what will add value to your home helping you make the right investments. They will also be able to help you find the best materials and furniture that will give you the best value for your money.  Finally they will manage to your budget and make sure that you are aware of what you are spending and keep you to your budget.



2.  Save Time (and stress!)

If you’re like most people, you probably already have a pretty busy schedule and life!  Just like the hard dollars we talked about saving before, we firmly believe that time is money!  Working with a designer will save you time (and stress!) and will make sure your home project is finished on time and within budget.

Have you ever started a project in your home and never quite got around to finishing it?  Or life took over and you were just too busy to get it over the finish line?  When you hire a designer, your project is their primary focus so they will get it done and on time.   A designer knows exactly what needs to happen in a project and the right sequencing.  They can also foresee potential obstacles as they pull together and execute on that plan and timeline. If life is too hectic for you to think about, let alone actually paint, furnish and renovate your space this is where a professional can help.  Designers do this type of work every day. We have developed relationships with vendors and professional contractors so when we take on your project, we can do the work faster (and better) than you would be able to do it. Depending on who you are working with, a designer can take the pressure off you and do it all for you.

At Nikou Design we’ll take care of everything for you – from the initial consultation, concept visualization, design, sourcing, purchasing, vendor management, project management and the most exciting part, the installation, where it all comes to life, so that you can sit back and wait to enjoy your new space.


3.  Get Access to Better Materials and Contractors

Since this is what designers do professionally, they can provide you with access to higher quality materials at lower prices that the average home owner may not have access to.  They also provide you with all of their contacts for preferred vendors and contractors.  Finding the right people to work on your home is time consuming and takes a lot of homework.  Working with a designer you will have the very best tradespeople working on your home while also being confident that they will be trustworthy and reliable.  An added bonus is that they will likely be giving your designer their very best price given the working relationship they have.


4.  Gain Expertise & Creativity – Think outside of the box!

Designers work with you to create the perfect space for your home.  An interior designer has the expertise to determine your personal style and pull together a design that will work best for you, based on your lifestyle and budget.  Often a client isn’t quite sure what they want to do with their space or is a bit stumped on how to deal with an awkward floor plan or with a space that just isn’t working for them.  This is where an expert can help! A designer will work with you, will ask you the right questions and assess your space to determine how to best transform it making it both functional and beautiful.  A designer will work with you to determine what the goals of your renovation are and what your needs are.  They will then work with you to design a space that will meet all of your goals and needs, making sure to consider how you want to use the space, your style preferences, your lifestyle and how to best utilize the area.  They can come up with different options, designs and creative solutions that you may not have been able to think of on your own. A designer will help you think outside the box and give you some ideas you hadn’t thought of yourself while staying true to your original vision for the space.


5.  The Wow Factor

Aside from all of these great reasons above, probably the most obvious reason to work with a designer on your space is the amazing results you will get in the end.  Working with a professional will give your space an elevated result as they will definitely be thinking about all the little details. If you want your space to look as beautiful and pulled together as those Instagram and Pinterest inspiration photos, working with a professional is essential in getting you there.  There are a lot of elements and decisions to be made when designing and renovating a space, and a designer can guide you through making the right choices.  Designers can help to add that little “extra” to make a room and home special and unique.  At Nikou Design, the magic happens when we work together with our clients to understand their style and needs to then create a space that’s both beautiful and functional and works for their lifestyle!


If you’re thinking about making some changes, big or small, to your home, reach out to us at [email protected].  Let’s talk about how we can work together to help you love your home!

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