Refresh Your Home This Spring: Top DIY Home Improvement Projects

On my morning walk today, I could definitely feel that Spring is in the air!  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and I saw flowers beginning to bloom along my path.  With the current COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and just all the adjustments we are trying to make, many of us almost forgot that Spring is here.  And with Spring, I tend to think of fresh starts, renewals and specifically home renovations or as I’m now thinking the “home refresh”!

With most of us now staying home and working from home to do our part in planking the curve and kicking the spread of this virus, we’re also spending a lot more time looking at our home and thinking about what we could update. Plus with a lot more time on our hands this is definitely the time for a “home refresh” or to renovate some of the key areas in your home.  Making your home a bit more comfortable and a bit more beautiful will give you some calm, comfort and joy during these difficult and uncertain times.

And while yes, full blown renovations may not be in the cards right now, this is the time for some DIY mini renovations or quick updates that you can do yourself and that won’t cost a lot.  Here are some of the spaces in your home to think about sprucing up this Spring!  Pick one and you’ll be amazed at the changes you can make on any budget!


Declutter and Get Organized!

Life is hectic and often we push things aside to tackle later or shove things into cupboards and drawers so that we don’t have to deal with them.  But what’s that saying again – a tidy home is a happy home?  Could they have been onto something?  In fact there are actual scientific studies that indicate that mess and clutter are causes of stress and anxiety and that having a tidy and clean space to live in leads to greater calm, joy and relaxation.

Since you’re spending a lot more time in your home now, what better time to tackle the clutter and get organized.  Trust me, it’ll be cathartic.  And during a time when many of us feel we don’t have much control over things, this is one thing that will give you back a sense of control.  It all starts with a list.  Make a list of every space in your home and the different areas that need some organizing.  For example if you are tackling the bedroom, list out your closet, drawers and nightstands or any other furniture that needs decluttering.  Depending on the room sort through clothing, toys, games, gadgets and books and determine what to keep, throw out or donate.  Then invest in some storage solutions like bins and dividers – whatever makes sense in your space to get things organized.  Once you’ve gone through that process, you should have a much clearer and less cluttered space to live in and enjoy.  Now the fun part – you can really start planning on what other home décor projects you want to take on!


Update Your Main Living Space – The Living Room & Family Room

Now that you’re spending a lot of time at home, you want to make sure that it is both comfortable and that you enjoy living and being in that space.  The Living Room and Family Room if you have one, are a less overwhelming Spring home refresh and one that might actually be fun and bring you some joy too!  It’s more about re-decorating and a lot of it you can actually DIY!

A fresh coat of paint and some new colours in your space can be just what you need to refresh your home.  You don’t need to re-paint your entire home all at once but by just picking a couple rooms that you spend most of your time in like the Living Room or Family Room you can inject some new life into your home.  Consider giving your living room or family room some new life with a fresh coat of paint or potentially painting an accent wall.

Painting is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to refresh your home.  While you can hire an expert you can also DIY this one.  I recommend signing up for newsletters from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams and you can score up to 40% off during some of their paint sales.  I also recommend testing paint on your walls to see how you like the colour in your space and lighting.  If you’re having a hard time picking out colours, a consultation with an expert can steer you in the right direction.

Since we’re on the topic of walls, you can also really change how a room looks by adding a new wallpaper to the room or as an accent wall.  Also think about how else you can decorate your walls by adding those framed pictures you’ve been meaning to hang, or investing in a new piece of art work or a new mirror for the space.

An easy and fairly inexpensive update you can make is to add new decor, accessories and lighting to the space.  Take a look at adding new throw pillows in bright colours, patterns or pastels.  Another great update you can make is by adding a new rug to your space that will anchor everything.  You can also consider changing the drapes and even the curtain rods to give the space more light and a refreshed look.

You don’t need to make all of these changes all at once but by just picking a couple you can inject some new life into the main living space of your home and create your own “happy place”.


Create a Bedroom Sanctuary

During these stressful times it’s important that our home become our sanctuary and what better place for that than our bedroom. Since Spring is here, this is the perfect time to refresh your bedroom.  Now is the time to invest in yourself and create a serene bedroom that also feels like a luxury hotel and an escape from the stress and worries around us.

Consider painting your bedroom a soothing colour to create a calming space that you can retreat to and escape.  Softer colours are usually ideal for creating a tranquil and peaceful space that you can relax in.  Or if you’re looking for a bit more drama, go bold by adding in some great wallpaper to one of the walls and really make a statement.

While yes you could buy all new bedroom furniture, another easy change that will make an impact is to switch out just one or two pieces like your headboard or your nightstands.  Invest in new bed linens, including pillows, sheets and a throw to support a better night’s sleep.  Also look at investing in a new rug to create some warm comfort underneath in the room.

Another great way to transform your bedroom is with lighting.  Add dimmers to your space and swap out your old ceiling lights for more of a statement pendant or chandelier.  And don’t forget to add new lamps!  Finally add décor that brings you joy.  Add candles, pictures, trinkets, artwork – anything that has some meaning for you and will make you feel calm and happy.


Refresh Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and usually everything seems to happen there from preparing food, eating, doing homework, working and entertaining.  So it only makes sense that it’s one of the areas you may want to look to update in your home. Plus it is the one area of your house that you will definitely get a return on your investment.  While a full blown renovation may not be in the cards right now, you can still make some improvements to update your kitchen space to not only make it beautiful but also utilize the space better and create that one thing most houses need more of – storage!

Some quick and budget friendly updates you can make include re-finishing or painting your cabinetry, changing cabinet hardware, adding a new light fixture or changing the faucet.  These simple changes can really update your kitchen and give it a fresh new look.

We talked about decluttering earlier and this is a great space to declutter and get organized!  Clean out your pantry and invest in some storage containers that will help you keep your kitchen organized.  And the one thing that always brightens my day is some flowers – if you have a plant or flowers, definitely pop these onto your counter!


Update the Bathroom

A bathroom renovation is another great spring renovation project that can add to the functionality and value of your home.  The key is to do your planning up front, find a great contractor or designer, and design a space that will be timeless and that works for your family.

While again a big-scale bathroom renovation may not be something that is doable this year given social distancing and budgetary constraints, you can still make some simple updates to refresh the space.  Don’t fight what’s there already but rather work with it.  Consider a fresh coat of paint, changing the hardware, changing the light fixtures, adding a new mirror, or swapping out your current faucet for something trendy like the really cool gold or black matte one.  If you’re handy and up for a bigger change you can even change the vanity if it makes sense.  There are some great ones at really affordable prices on sites like Wayfair, Costco and even at the big box home improvement stores that will deliver to your door.  Even just changing your shower curtain and adding some new towels will help your get a fresh new look!  Whatever update you make embrace what you have and work with it and make sure you do your research and create a space that you will love and will work for your family.


Revamp Your Outdoors

Let’s talk about outside for a bit here!  The front of your house is an excellent place to do a Spring refresh and raise your curb appeal!  There are so many things you can do – and a lot of it you can do yourself!  One of the biggest high impact things you can do is with paint.  Just by painting things like railings, your front door to make it pop or garage door you can make such a big impact at a low cost.   Some higher priced changes that can add to your curb appeal include a new door or garage door, refreshing your driveway and walkway.  Don’t overlook the impact the simple changes can make like changing the hardware on your door, the house numbers, porch light and mailbox.  And don’t forget to do some landscaping!  You can easily update the front of your home by adding in some greenery, flowers, new shrubs and grasses, and of course planters!

Your backyard is also a great part of your home to upgrade. The backyard has become an extension of the inside of our home with many of us spending so much time back there, entertaining, dining, and just relaxing.  Think about how you use your backyard space today and how you would want to use it.  Consider things like dining, entertaining, kids play areas as you plan your space so that you can create the perfect outdoor oasis for you and your family.  And don’t worry, refreshing your backyard space doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!

First off, start with your outdoor flooring.  You can add new patio stones, a new deck (if you’re particularly handy!) or sometimes all you need to do is give your current floor a good power wash.  Consider adding a new outdoor rug to add some warmth and style to the space too.

Also think about taking a look at some new patio furniture for cozy seating and dining (or re-finishing what you have), adding in new lighting, and of course planters and landscaping.  What I love about landscaping is that you don’t need to do it all at once.  The one thing I highly recommend is thinking about your privacy needs in the backyard, your fencing and how you could use landscaping to help with that too!

I also recommend planning in early spring so that you can then make the changes and enjoy all through the summer!


So those are some top areas we would recommend focusing on if you’re thinking about a bit of a spring refresh for your home while you have a bit more time at home these days!  Now that you’re inspired, what home projects are you going to tackle this Spring, especially while you are home social distancing?  If you ever need some help, even with those DIY projects, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and let’s talk about how we can work together to make your home beautiful.