Our Favourite 2020 Home Design Trends

It’s still February and early on in the year where we feel we can still talk about what’s coming our way in home design this year!  Just last month we attended the 2020 Interior Design Show in Toronto and had the chance to check out some of the new trends.  Now I’ll be completely honest, while I do love a good trend here and there I also love modern classic timeless design that will be in style and last for years to come for my clients.  That being said there’s actually some really good design trends this year which I think may last longer than we think!  Today we’re sharing our favourite 2020 home design trends that are on the horizon!


Add Colour

The last few years have been all about the neutrals but colour is back in a big way!  Everywhere you look there’s lots of cream, ivory, linen and grey which I do love because it can be very classic and serene but this year one of the big trends I’m happy to be seeing is the comeback of colour. Neutrals will be replaced by warmer colours like yellow, orange and rusty red, and saturated hues and jewel tones like cobalt and aubergine.

You can add colour in so many ways.  The easiest way to update your space is with paint.  You can also go big with a colourful kitchen or bathroom, by adding in a colourful piece of furniture or if you want a bit less of a commitment with décor items like pillows, accents, vases, rugs and art.

This year’s Pantone Colour of the Year is Classic Blue which I have to say I love.  Blue is the new grey and the new neutral in my opinion!  You can incorporate different shades of blue into new paint and decor but I have to say I am really loving a nice pop of blue in the kitchen, bathroom and with a statement piece of furniture!

While Classic Blue may be this year’s colour of the year, all shades of green are also popping up in the home.  Whether it’s a muted green, dusty green, kelly green, pistachio or dark olive, green is a fairly safe colour choice especially if you are looking to blend it in with your existing neutral home.

Other colours that are favourites are different shades of pink, yellows and purples too!

Photo: Nikou Design Inc.


Black is back!

On the other end of the colour spectrum, another alternative to neutrals is black.  Black is bold and can easily make your home look high end.  It can also suit so many different styles from traditional and elegant, farmhouse, to modern and contemporary.  In 2020 in particular we’ll be seeing black kitchen cabinets, countertops, painted walls, maore of the matte black fixtures and furniture too.

If all black is too much, adding in a lighter colour is an option to provide a bit of contrast.  An on-trend option is to mix black and white together for a striking contrast.

Photo: LeClair Decor


Statement Walls

Statement walls have been around for a while but we’re not just talking of the painted accent wall anymore.  In the last year or two, wallpaper has definitely made a comeback.   Wallpaper seems to be everywhere these days!  And we’re not talking about that 70’s and 80’s wallpaper in your parents place or at grandma’s.  This wallpaper is beautiful, bold, luxurious and extravagant.  What’s big for 2020 is that wallpaper isn’t just for the statement wall in a room anymore – it’s going everywhere and is being used for the whole room and even on the ceiling for a bold statement!  What’s also really exciting, if you don’t want to commit, is this new breed of wallpaper that is not only peel and stick but also removable too!  So if you get tired of it or want to change it up again, you just peel it off!  Now that’s just genius!

Photo: Nikou Design


Statement walls are also taking on a whole new meaning as we get creative with fun and unique geometric patterns on walls that can be created with paneling and moulding.  In the past mouldings,  wall trim and wainscoting were thought to be very traditional but not anymore.  You can now create beautiful modern designs with unique geometric patterns or even by painting in bolder colours.  Statement walls are now popping up everywhere including the bedroom, living room and dining room!

Photo: West Hotel Sydney


Statement Ceilings

While statement walls seems to have been around for a while, they are moving over to make room for the statement ceiling too!  Decorated and designed ceilings have taken “thinking of all the details” to the highest level!  No pun intended!  Whether painted a statement colour, lacquered, wallpapered, stenciled, or embellished with mouldings and beams, ceilings have now become the new statement piece for everyone to look out (and up) for.  Luckily this change isn’t an overly expensive one and can really change and transform a room.  If you’re willing to take the leap, get some inspiration and a gallon of paint and you’ve got a fun weekend project!

Photo: Livette’s Wallpaper


Statement Tiles

Sticking to the statement theme here – let’s talk tiles.  Another big statement trend this year is that tiles are moving away from the classic and safe subway tile to allow for some bolder versions.  We’ll see lots of different iterations this year like geometric patterns, the bold patterns of cement tiles, hexagons, chevrons, scalloped edges, and terrazzo which are all very big this year.  You can see them in bathrooms either on the floor or on the walls or as bold backsplashes in the kitchen.

If you do love subway tiles, another option is create a unique and different pattern with them.  Or to take a look at some of the really pretty glass subway tiles for a change.

Photo: Nikou Design


Go curvy

Get ready to embrace the curvier side of things!  So in love with one of this year’s hottest design trends which is all about rounded and curvy shapes!  We’re losing the edges and simple straight lines and replacing with more rounded, oval and curvy lines.  The curves can mean so many things from being softer, more feminine; evoke art deco and glam, and even being more comfortable and cozy.  While in the last few years we’ve seen softened lines when it comes to mirrors and décor with the big round and oval mirrors becoming more than just a trend, and lighting taking on a more globe look, furniture is now also taking on more of a curvy shape.  Furniture is less angular and rigid as we see upholstered pieces like sofas and accent chairs becoming a bit more rounded, curvy and definitely less angular.

You can also find this trend in accent pieces like tables, bookcases, lighting and mirrors!  And again it’s about mixing and matching so not everything needs to be curvy or look the same.  Choose a couple new pieces and incorporate them into your space.

Photo: Marie Claire Maison


Maximalist Design

We’re going from less is more, to more is more!  While the last 10 years we saw quite a bit of minimalism in home design, 2020 is a return to maximalism.  While minimalism was all about simplicity, neutrals and clean lines, maximalism is on the complete other end of the spectrum with a full on embrace of all things grand.  Here we’ll see lots of bold choices in both furniture and patterns, bold bright colours and colourful artwork.  We’ll also see luxurious fabrics, animal prints and   It definitely will be go bold or go home!

Photo: House Beautiful



Let’s talk textiles for a moment.  It could be the return to maximalism and a bit of art deco too, but on the texture side of things, rich, plush, soft, velvet will be huge this year.  From large furniture pieces, to occasional chairs to accents, velvet is a luxe material that will be popping up everywhere and will evoke feelings of grandeur, luxury and even comfort.

Photo: Anthropologie


Function & Practicality

While kitchens and bathrooms have really been showing a lot of the open shelving in the past few years, there is a return to functionality and practicality in the home.  The concealed kitchen is on it’s way back with cabinetry and lots of new ways to add storage.  People want to spend less time styling their shelves and keeping the kitchen tidy which is the case with open shelving and instead spend more time just enjoying life and their home.

The same runs true for the entire home.  Well-designed spaces that are not only beautiful but also practical and functional are very in!  Multi-functional spaces that can serve many purposes save space, utilize it well and also act as a backdrop to allow the family to spend time together.  Think family rooms that also act as an office, or the kitchen island that’s used for prepping food, eating, entertaining, doing homework or for working from home.  People aren’t looking to live in perfection or in a museum so the lived in home is the newest trend that we are more than happy to embrace!

Photo: Nikou Design


Timeless and sustainable

It may sound a bit odd but classic and timeless design is becoming an actual trend right now.  Whether it’s a renovation or new furnishings, people are thinking longer term when it comes to their homes.  They are willing to invest in higher quality pieces and materials that will offer more durability and also aligns well with the focus on sustainability.  We are becoming more and more eco conscious, and we care about where our materials and furnishings are coming from, how they are being made and more aware about options to reduce waste and to use recycled materials and materials that will provide longevity.  We’ll be seeing more materials like recycled and salvaged wood, bamboo, rattan, natural fibers and other recycled materials.

Sustainability also includes layering in your old with your new, and mixing and matching pieces versus always buying all new items.  A collection of high quality pieces added over time adds personality to a home.

Photo: Lulu & Georgia

Now the big question with some of these trends is, where does this leave us?  What about the classic white kitchen or the subway tiles that we’ve all loved?  The answer is it really depends and there’s always a way to blend some classic style with a new trend.  The key is to pick trends that will have some longevity and won’t be a fad for just a year or two.  Also use trends as inspiration and incorporate the ones that work with your style.  For example, one of the trends in kitchens right now is the two tone kitchen.  Well there’s still a way to be classic and timeless even with that.  You can choose to have a white kitchen but mix it up with a different coloured island.  Another way to incorporate this trend is to design a kitchen with different coloured uppers and lower cabinets.


While there are a lot of great trends and ideas out there for 2020, the ones to follow are the ones that you really love.  The most important part of any home renovation or changes you make to your home is that you love it – not whether or not it’s trendy!  Your personal style and your lifestyle are all that matters when it comes to the design of your home so make sure it works for you!  As always if you’re looking to make some changes to your home that we can help with please feel free to give us a shout!  Reach out to us at [email protected] and let’s talk about how we can help you love your home!