How to Style Your Coffee Table

Today we thought we would talk about a pretty easy way to update your living room space, by just de-cluttering and styling up your coffee table!  The coffee table is usually the focal point of most living rooms and family rooms and is also a reflection of your personal style.  Before you get started remove everything from the top of your coffee table so you can start fresh!  You want to create a coffee table display that is beautiful but also functional too – meaning space for drinks, plates and conversation too!  With just a few steps, you can make your coffee table look magazine and Pinterest worthy too!


  1. Start with a Tray

Adding a tray helps to ground everything and helps to make your display look organized and put together.  The right size tray can help to create a unified grouping that doesn’t look cluttered and just scattered on the coffee table, while still looking stylish, minimal and effortless.

  1. The Rule of 3

It’s a bit of thing but everything does seem to looks better to the eye when it is in a group of three.  By creating a grouping of threes, your coffee table display will look cohesive and pulled together.  Create a grouping that works well together and also works with the room and your style.  For example it could be that they have a colour in common or a theme.  A few other tips include creating balance and symmetry on the table, while also making sure to include a focal point in the middle like a floral display that draws the eye to that area.  Remember to also include a good variation of colours, shapes and textures in your display to keep it interesting.


  1. Turn to Nature

I always like to add some kind of natural element to a coffee table, and it’s usually a beautiful floral arrangement.  You can also add succulents or a vase with pretty spring twigs.  Just think of something that brings the outdoors in.

  1. Display Books

Add a stack of 2-3 books to create balance against the tray on the other side of the table.  These also act as a way to add your own interests and personality to the display and are great conversation starters too!  Add a sculptural element like a bowl, dish, or decorative object on top of your stack of books to keep things looking interesting.

  1. Add Some Height

Use varying heights in your display but be careful not to use items that are too tall or too large that they will obstruct the view.  You want to be able to see each other while you sit around the coffee table.  Candlesticks, a floral arrangement or a tall vase are a great way to add some height to your display.


  1. Create Ambiance with Candles

Create ambiance and add coziness to your space by adding a subtly scented candle to your display.  Don’t pick anything too overpowering and if you are ok with fragrance, the scents will also appeal to your other senses while in the room.  Remember you can also go fragrance free with your candles!


  1. Add the Finishing Touch with Decorative Objects

Add a few decorative objects (about 2-3) including personal objects you may have collected over time or in your travels.  This could include items like a bowl, sculptures, spheres, a wooden box, wooden beads or that antique magnifying glass you picked up at that antiques market.  These are pieces that not only add to the look of your display and act as great conversation starters but they are also about you injecting your personal style, interests and memories into it as well.


While you don’t want your coffee table to look perfect, you also don’t want it to look like a cluttered mess.  If you follow these tips you should end up with a coffee table that looks beautiful, is still functional and looks like it came together effortlessly!