How to Create a Fun, Stylish & Functional Kids Playroom

We love designing kids spaces!  They can be so fun and colourful!  But also as a mom myself, I also get how important it is that they are designed with functionality in mind too!

As many of us are spending quite a bit of time at home with the kids right now as we all try to stay safe, I understand it can be a bit tough on both kids and parents alike. The kids are feeling a bit stir crazy and many of you are also trying to juggle entertaining them, teaching them and also doing your day job too.  That’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to give them a space of their own – for their own creativity, learning and play and for you too.

Today we thought we would help everyone out with a few tips on how to create a fun and functional kids playroom.  Oh, and did we mention stylish too!  Some of you might have an extra room, basement or other space you can dedicate to the kids.  If you don’t, that’s ok too.  You can also create a kids area within another space like your family room for example.  All it takes is some creativity, a little DIY and some tips from us to get you started!


  1. Get organized!

Before you do anything else, spend some time to organize your current kids space.  This may sound really simple and obvious, but just getting organized and decluttering what you already have will make a huge difference.  Sort through toys, games and books and determine what to keep, throw out or donate.  Once you’ve gone through that process, you should have a much clearer and less cluttered space to work with.  Now the fun part – you can really start planning on what you need for the kids playroom and how to set it up.


  1. Design with your kids in mind!

Think about your kids and plan and design the space for them.  Think about things like their age, interests and activities they like most. Also think about how they might be able to grow with the space.  Consider the activities and toys your children typically enjoy and design the space and area with those in mind.  For example if you have a little budding artist you probably need a table for drawing or an easel for painting and a chalkboard.  Or if they are into reading, you might need a reading nook and bookshelves.  One tip is to design a space that is multi-functional for kids so that they have the variety they need to be able to create, play and work.  Once you have a layout figured out you can look for furniture and accessories that work with both your layout and your child’s interests.

  1. Storage, storage and more storage!

As parents we know how toys can quickly get out of hand and be found everywhere – the struggle is real!  That’s why adequate storage is so key when creating a kids playroom.  Adding different types of storage is a great way to store games, toys, and books without taking up too much room. Adequate storage (and the right types of storage) are critical in creating a space that can be organized too.

Consider including a mix of closed and open storage.  Closed storage for those items that could look messy or cluttered, and open storage for those items like books and toys you may want to display.  One of my favourites for this is the Ikea Kallax line. Aside from bookshelves, storage ottomans are also great for storing larger toys and to provide some extra seating in the room too.  Storage possibilities are endless – you can also add in baskets, bins, cubbies and magazine racks.

Don’t forget to use your wall space for storage too.  You can add hooks and shelves to your walls to store things like aprons, books or toys for example. When deciding on storage for your playroom, you need to figure out what would work for your space and for the types of toys and activities your kids play with.  And of course ensure it is accessible to the kids.  That way they can find things on their own and also put them away when it’s time to tidy up!

  1. Make room for play!

Leave some floor space so that the kids can play on the floor too.  Whether it’s playing with dolls, cars, a board game or for building blocks, having some open floor space is important so that the kids can play.  Also consider adding a small comfy rug underneath to keep things cozy and warm for the kids. For older kids you may also consider adding in a bean nag chair or gamer chair – I find even the older kids like to play on the floor!

  1. Add a table and chairs

Adding a table and chairs is important for any age group as you create their space.  A work space is important when they are looking to draw or create crafts but is equally important for those times when you need them to sit down and do some learning and homework too. A sitting area is also important for when they need some quiet time and for reading too!

  1. Make it colourful and fun

Now not all of us will have the luxury of a dedicated room for a kids playroom.  If you do, some great ways to add some colour include with paint which is a really easy and inexpensive way to update a room and liven it up.  Another alternative is removable wallpaper which you can add and then take down as you transition the space.  If you are incorporating a play area into another space in your home, you can still stick with your neutral colours and just add pops of colour into the kids’ area with furniture and accessories like a rug and your storage containers.

Finally, art is a really fun way to add some colour and to personalize your kids playroom.  Wall decals are a fairly inexpensive and easy way to add some art to the room – and they are temporary too!  One of the ideas I love is to display your kids artwork in frames.  That way you and the kids can see it and they will feel proud to see their work displayed. If you are into DIY, what about creating some art as a family with the kids to display.  Whatever you decide, keep it fun, colourful and something that you and the kids will love!

I hope these tips will help if you’re planning on creating a kids playroom in your home!  As always if you have any questions or need any help, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] and we will try our best to help!  Stay safe and healthy everyone!